Track and Field and Cross Country Rules Changes - 2018
By NFHS on July 27, 2017Track & Field/Cross Country

4-3-1, 4-3-1b, 4-3-1c: Clarifies that for a track and field as well as cross country uniform to be considered legal, the singlet and bottom or one-piece uniform shall be school-issued or school-approved. This change for school approval addresses the need for athletes to purchase a part of their uniform, but such individual apparel shall be approved by the school coach to be certain it meets all rule requirements.
Rationale: Clarifies that the school may issue or approve an individually purchased item as part of the official school uniform.

​6-2-14 PENALTY (NEW), 6-2-10, 6-2-13:Several prohibitions regarding competitors’ actions were included but had no associated penalty should the rule not be followed which created confusion for enforcement. The appropriate penalty of disqualification from the event has been added.
Rationale:This rule was absent the necessary penalty.

6-5-11:The requirements for the length of the pole vault crossbar has become more flexible as it can now be within a range in length like the high jump.
Rationale: Creates consistency in establishing a range for the length of the crossbar in pole vault. Provides flexibility in the length of the crossbar, like the high jump crossbar.

8-6-1 (NEW), 4-3:Duplicate language regarding the uniform has been removed from Rule 8, Cross Country, and all rules regarding the uniform for individuals, relay team members and cross country teams are now all contained in one rule, Rule 4.
Rationale: Eliminates duplicate language. These two rules are identical except for the rule on the soles of the shoes allowing for one-inch spikes in cross country.

​Major Editorials

​4-6-1 NOTE 2, 3-1 NOTE: Establishes consistent NFHS language within the rules prohibiting the use of tobacco products and similar items and alcohol by participants, school personnel or officials.

5-3-1: Provides greater flexibility by expanding the professional positions which are qualified to survey and measure a track.

​6-7-2: Corrects clerical error in maximum diameter for the boys indoor shot put.

​6-8-9: Removes duplicate language which is covered in Rule 6-2-10 regarding broken javelin.

6-9-8: Removes duplicate language which is covered in Rule 6-2-3 regarding excused competitors.

2017-18 Track and Field Editorial Changes

​3-10-2, 4-3-1b(4), 5-2, 6-1-8, 6-2-6 PENALTY, 6-2-15, 6-2-16, 6-2-17, 6-6-5, 8-7