WMTFOA – Executive Board Meeting

Members Present: Rick Lajoie, Deb Pelletier, Jon Dias, Lisa Helpa, Liz Haygood, Bill Kane
Tina Crocker, Pat Lavelle

• Of 11 new officials only 4 have finished and completed their certification requirements.
• Tina has been in contact with 3 others in Franklin County
• 100 members have paid and are members/ 92 of which are certified / of that only 65 members are available to work meets / others are coaches and or only do college meets.

AD’s are aware of the problems of not enough officials to cover all the meets
• AD’s think we need a commissioner to solve this issue. However, the real problems are:
o Unlimited entries
o Scheduling – If a change was made in the way the schedule is made so that the meets are not all scheduled on the same day, we could cover all the meets.
• MIAA sets the base pay for dual meets – WMTFOA has created a pay schedule for different types of meet (double duals, tri meets, etc…..)
• Athlete entry limits to 8 participants need to revised – limited entries happen in swimming and indoor track.
• Bill has met with Lou Conte several times and is willing to serve as the liaison between the officials and the AD’s. Bill is going to really start explaining the problems to Lou and making suggestions. We must draw up a contract with basic expectation for running a meet; facility must be set up in accordance with the rulebook, home school need to provide additional personnel. Bill will be writing up a proposal, present it to the executive board and then send it to the AD’s and Gina Johnson.

Venues – preparation of the facilities need to be addressed

Treasurers – we are ok for this year but we will run out of money soon if we continue to pay for banquets and pay for the awards. The banquet has been the annual meeting and we changed the bylaws so that it would happen after the track season. Perhaps change the meeting format and/or have the banquet every two years or have the meeting in a location and order pizza. Perhaps people can pay a portion of the cost.

End of the Year – June 18th possible.
• This is an election year – so we have must have a meeting and get the word out if anyone wants to run for an office. Perhaps we can do this through the websites.

Shirts – Orange and Blue moisture wicking

Meeting Adjourned 8:23pm
Next Meeting, May 8th, 7:00pm at Dino’s in Holyoke