Membership Committee -  ... shall examine the qualifications of applicants and        recommend candidates for membership in the Association.

Nominating Committee -​​​​​​ ... for the purpose of selecting a slate of officers t be  presented at the Annual Meeting.

Executive Board - ... shall conduct the business of the Association between meetings not otherwise provided for.

        Lisa Helpa
        Deb Peltier
        Jon Dias
        William C. Kane
        Susan Petzold
        Christina Crocker
        Elizabeth Haygood
        Karen Gomez
Robert Neimic​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Auditing Board - ... shall serve as the audit of the Treasurer's book yearly and report to the  Annual Meeting.

Grievance Board - ... will review the written appeal of complainant schools or officials, resolve  grievances and report decisions to the respective schools, officials, or league involved. 

Review Board - ... to review the constitution and to propose any amendments of the same to the  Executive Board three (3) months prior to the next Annual Meeting. ​​​