WMTFOA – Executive Board Meeting
7:00pm @ HCC

Members present: Rick Lajoie, Liz Haygood, Deb Pelletier, John Dias, Bill Kane, Pat Lavelle, Tina Crocker.

Clinic Remarks: Member’s responses were positive regarding the clinic
• Getting the SC facility has its difficulties with the indoor track being used for so many activities; it was difficult to hear with practices going on.
• Clinic attendance 76 out 97
o 11 members had a reason for not attending
o 12 new officials
• Week night vs. Saturday Morning: Several people commented that it was easier to get it done on a week night and not have to go into the weekend; it is difficult for those who have to travel a long way.
• Leave of Absence: When a member is on a leave of absence it’s as if the year did not exist. We have several members on “Leave of Absence”.
• The thought was raised that the clinic can be done just as effectively in a classroom next year, no need to go to Springfield College.
o Bill is considering getting Holyoke HS cafeterias next year for the clinic.
• Next Year’s Topics: Starting …… ?
• John will be doing 2 separate lines for registration next year; one for those people that have already registered and are just picking up their stuff, one for people who need to register that day.

• (Bill) Discussion on having a commissioner with Lou Conte – one of the main problems is the current schedule. There are too many meets to be covered on the same days of the week. Another problem is that the boys and girls from the same school are not in the same league.
• Waivers – need to come in writing to executive board – 22 people missed this year’s clinic – 11 Members requested a waiver for the clinic. Lisa will write a letter to those members who did not attend this year’s clinic and last year’s clinic an remind them of the membership requirements

New Business
• Full – time student fee needs to increase, $32 does not cover the cost of their membership and if they are USATF they get the $25 discount which means they only paid $7 this year for their WMTFOA membership
o We are increasing the Full-Time Student membership fee to $45
• Steele Relays – officials pay has been adjusted – April 26th
o Dan Walsh is the meet director and the meet will be held at East Longmeadow. Michael Budd is the site director and will be hiring the officials. There are to be 2 officials in each field event (except HJ & PV), a starter, 2 finish line officials, 2 clerks and HyTech operators.

Next meeting: Thursday, April 10th
7:00pm @ HCC