WMTFOA – Executive Board Meeting
7:00pm – Dino’s Pizza

Members present: Rick Lajoie, Lisa Helpa, Bill Kane, Deb Pelletier, Pat Lavelle, Jon Dias, Tina Crocker, Makenzie Gray

End of the Season Meeting
• June 18th, 2014 / Holyoke Community / 6:00pm
• Agenda
o Constitution
 Membership level for college students
 Fixed date January 1st to march 15th (Annual Clinic should be end of January / beginning of February)
 Outline certification procedures
• Will be posting all amendment proposals on the website. Must go out before June 4th
• Jon will send out an e-mail notification with:
o Agenda / by-laws amendments / slate of officers /

• Rookie of the Year – Alexandra Mack
• Outstanding official – Owen Donohue

Meet Protocol
• Making all meets run the same way, more uniformity, officials need to be the ones who organize the meet not the coaches.
• We could establish best practices and presented it to the ADs and have it adopted by Coaches

• ADs what someone to have someone assign and guarantee officials.
• We need at least 60 competent officials to cover having 3 certified officials at each meet.
• You also need a list of on-call officials.
• Many officials will not travel.
• MIAA has a “suggested” pay rate; schools are not held to that. Blue book also stipulates the number of certified officials.
o There have been schools that have elected not to pay the MIAA rate. Without a commissioner, we have no way of guarantee that schools pay the rate.
• This was a league re-alignment year so leagues cannot change, it is a four year alignment
o There are more and more B & G meets happening so coaches are starting to get on board.
o Large Schools seem to all be on board. Smaller schools still want to do single gender quad meets.

Website – please check out the website to offer suggestions – WMTFOA.com
• Not many officials have been accessing it.

Divisional meets are all set – only hiring WMTFOA certified officials

New business
• Nominating committee (Sue Petzold) to present the slate of WMTFOA Officers for 2014-2016 as (Rick Lajoie – President, Deb Pelletier – Secretary, VP – Lisa Helpa, Jon Dias – Treasurer) Nomination will be taken from the floor at the Annual Meeting.
• Review the pay scale that we created several years ago
• Send all information for the annual meeting to Jon (asap)

Meeting adjourned 8:50pm
Next Meeting will be the Annual Meeting – June 18th – 6:00pm – HCC